San Onofre Surfing Club Meeting Minutes

September 28, 2018

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I.  Call to order

Matt Brady called to order the regular meeting at 10:00 am on September 23, 2018, at Oldmans, San Onofre Surf Beach.

II.   Roll call

Craig Ephraim conducted the roll call. All board members attended, except Kurt Winn, Jon Sandvig, and Sherry Wolfe who were all excused.

III. Approval of minutes from last meeting

Sabrina motioned to approve minutes from last meeting and Laurie seconded.

IV. Financial review – Merchandise sales, increased membership base, and summer event dates have slightly increased our balances.

V.  Membership – We are currently at 1014 members as of date which is an improvement from same time last year and we have surpassed last year’s total of 743.

VI. Old Business

Event Updates:

Horseshoes (6/09):  Craig stated that John and Jean Vetter ran the event in 2 courts due to the erosion of the beach.  The half-day event was held with a few teams and was enjoyed by all who participated.

Aloha Family Day (7/14):  Emmy stated that the event was a great turnout. The raffle prize donations were up this year and in turn, the number of raffle tickets sold increased from the prior year. Only 2 of 4 games were played because a) we cooked the eggs for breakfast before we knew it was for the Egg Toss game and b) there was not enough time to do the Banana Smash game and there was no room for the 3 legged race. Emmy suggested that we start the games earlier in the day and provide a good timeline or schedule to run events and raffle prize distribution more smoothly for the next year.

Volleyball Contests (7/22, 8/25-26, and 9/02):

Dave Kulstad and Scott Cuda successfully held Golden Years, Main, and Classic Volleyball tournaments. Merchandise was sold at the Main and Classic events which garnered records sales as well as new memberships. Scott would like to continue selling merchandise at the volleyball events, without the use of the trailer.

Club Surf Contest (9/08-09/09):

Bob and Emmy Lombard ran this event with one of the largest pools, over 150 competitors, over the course of two days. Breakfast and lunch were served both days as well as an Ohana Kemp board which was raffled off and won by member, Scott Mann. For next year’s contest, Emmy did mention that we should allow beach day sign-ups for the Novice and Mixed Relay divisions at no additional cost if contestant has paid for another division. The boys & girls 8 and under was very big this year and next year we will work to have the heats set so that no one surfs three times on Saturday. In addition, Emmy mentioned that we will need more volunteers within the Club and should send an email blast asking for members to volunteer for next year’s event.

V.  New Business

Lease Renewal 2021

Matt B and Jim met with Rich Haydon (State Parks) on update on situation and Rich recommended that the Club contact the San Onofre Parks Foundation, which is headed up by Steve Long.  This organization is ‘dialed-in’ on this issue and has ear-marked funds to rally public opinion and legal means.  Matt B has mentioned to Steve (San Onofre Foundation) about the Club’s alignment with the San Onofre Foundation.

Surfline Membership Benefit

Matt B will contact Surfline to find out statistically how many of our members have redeemed their discount through the Club.  He will also confirm if the discount will be offered next year.  (follow up – The number of members who used the discount was extremely low).

2019 Memberships

Matt B proposed an increase in membership dues from $20 to $30 to adjust for economic sustainability. Craig stated that a $10 increase may be steep for most members and suggested that we start with $20 ‘early signup’ period and increase to $25 after the early signup deadline. Jim motioned, Angie seconded the motion, and board members present agreed.  In addition, Jim motioned to add a donation line item to the upcoming membership form.  Angie seconded and all were in favor.

Dog Patch Shack

Craig mentioned that Rich (State Parks) wants to wait until road is fixed before repairing the Dog Patch shack. Bobby recommended that the shack repair should wait till next Spring.  (follow up – Matt B talked to Clarence Yokashine about the timing.  He agreed and said he can rally a crew to do the work when the time comes).

Surf Coalition

George asked how the Club benefits from having a Coalition team and Angie responded that the exposure of the Team has brought in more people signing up as members. Matt B and Sabrina also mentioned that the last two events have other Clubs inquiring about the Club and its position with the impending lease and nuclear storage issues. Angie mentioned that other Clubs are using generated sponsorship money to pay for their members’ entry fees and that we will need to begin raising funds through sponsorships or other means to attract more members to surf for our team. Sabrina has volunteered to form a fundraising committee for the team.

Lease Renewal

Steve Long from the San Onofre Parks Foundation gave a presentation about the lease renewal.  The Parks Foundation is VERY involved in this issue and has connections at the Navy and Congressional level.  The foreseeable options are 1) a full lease renewal 2) a partial lease renewal with eth Navy keeping some of the property 3) no lease renewal but the Navy runs the park themselves 4) termination and recovery of the property.  The latter seems the least likely because the Navy does not need a public relations debacle on their hands.  They will keep the SanO club in the loop on those efforts.  Matt B volunteered that the club can rally it’s membership and social media presence to raise support for a lease renewal when needed.

VI Miscellaneous

·       Future Volleyball chairperson – Mike Murphy will be taking over events from Dave Kulstad. Mike attended the meeting and presented his substantial qualifications to the Board.  There was no opposition to Mike taking on this role.

·       Newsletter – Matt B will be putting together the end-of-year highlights and news which will be emailed as well as posted on the website and social media.


Sabrina made motion to adjourn, Bobby seconded and all approved.