San Onofre Surfing Club Meeting Minutes

June 2, 2019

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I.  Call to order

Matt B. called to order the regular meeting at 10:00 am on June 2, 2019, at Oldmans, San Onofre Surf Beach.

II.   Roll call

Craig conducted a roll call and welcomed all members. All board members attended, except Emmy Lombard and Brian Ahern who were excused.

III. Approval of minutes from last meeting

Jim motioned to approve minutes from last meeting and Craig seconded.

IV.  Financial review – Liability insurance dues, low membership dues, and merchandise reorders have lowered our balance but we anticipate summer memberships, merchandise purchases, and event fees to increase this balance as we move through the year.

V.  Membership – We are currently at 523 members as of date which is lower from same time last year (752) but we project to surpass last year’s count with email blasts to encourage membership renewals as we move through summer events.  Matt suggested that the Board may need to divide the list and call former members.

VI.  Old Business


                Dog Patch Shack – Matt B.

·       In addressing the maintenance issues at Dog Patch, Matt B. motioned to allocate approximately $400 for supplies/repair for the Dog Patch hut. Jon seconded the motion. Bobby and Clarence will coordinate together the logistics for supplies and labor. Matt B and Bobby will put together list of supplies such as various sizes of wood beams, rebar, and palm fronds.




Contest Trailer/Equipment – Craig

·       The trailer has been sold with the help of Tom Bistline completing the transfer and sale for $4300.  The old speakers were included in the sale of the trailer.

     Theft Signs - Jim

·       Jim confirmed that Rich Haydon (State Parks) will order and erect 3 to 4 theft warning signs.  The Club has budgeted up to $500 for these signs.

               Website Update

·       The website requires updating with the Ten Buck Chuck contest photos and hotshot of the week photos.  Sarah will update website with photos and upcoming event news.  We need a volunteer to keep website current.

                Window Box Posters

·       Matt E. designed and put up the all the event calendar posters in the refurbished window boxes at each restroom building.  Matt E. suggested that surf etiquette rules could be posted in the window boxes as well. Sabrina and Jon will coordinate the design of the etiquette rules & provide to Matt E.

               Event Updates

                     Ten Buck Chuck Surf Contest

·       With over 95 participating entrants, Sabrina and Charlie stated this year’s contest had a super turnout with epic conditions throughout the day.  With Angie’s coordination of members and generous prize donors, the raffle event generated much needed funds for the Coalition Surf Team.

·       Horseshoes Contest, Saturday June 8th

Jean and John Vetter will be run the contest in 2-4 courts due to erosion of the beach. The contest will be ‘word-of-mouth’, be limited up to 12 teams and will be a half-day event. Everyone is welcome.


·       Aloha Family Day, July 13th

Raffle Tickets/Prizes 

Sarah stated that raffle tickets will be sold on event day.  Tickets will be $5 each or 5 for $20. This year’s raffle prizes consist of: (1) Pat Ryan Longboard, (1) Chris Schroeder Kids surfboard, Bear Coast Coffee, Monster gear, Nixon goodie bag, Endless Summer Box set, San Onofre Surf history book by Dave Matuszak, and much more. Sarah will resend the donation letters to board members to solicit raffle prizes and update website/social media of the upcoming event.


Kurt will be available to cook and will coordinate with Emmy, Mark Brown for sourcing and setting up food on event day. Kurt had mention that the budget for food is approximately $400. Clarence has generously stated that he will donate hamburgers for the event.  Sarah will coordinate the Potluck-style participation on the website and social media as well.


Bobby and his band will play during the event and the Club will provide shirts parking passes and skip the line passes for the band members for their time.  There will be total of 4 band members in which 2 will need access passes.


Matt B will be heading up the proposed games: 

-       Egg toss (Mark Brown/Club to donate eggs)

-       Kids’ Cherry-pit spitting (Club donation)

-       Kids’ Glider races (John Starwarz has these planes)

This year’s game prizes will be medallions for the 1st/2nd place winners of each game and/or division.  Sarah will prepare the medallions and bring them on event day.

·       Volleyball Contests: Mike Murphy and Scott C.

Golden Years - July 21st

Main - August 24/25th

Sano Classic - September 1st

Mike Murphy and Scott will continue to coordinate the upcoming volleyball contests.  They will coordinate with Rich Haydon (State Parks) and with Tom Bistline for anything they need. Jim will get the permit to Mike and Scott.  Scott will bring the merchandise down to the events to sell as well as sign up new Club members.  Sarah will assist with the email blast and updating the website/social media. 

Also, Mike had mentioned that the present courts could use a net ‘slider system’ which manually adjusts the net heights.  He stated this type of system would run anywhere from 600 to 900 dollars and he would provide more details relating to cost/labor in the next board meeting.

·       Fall Surf Contest, September 14/15th – Bobby and Emmy Lombard

For the trophy builds, Bobby has requested 200 pins without backings and about 200 regular pins.  Sarah will get these pins to Bobby in July. Planning is ongoing.

·       Proposed Fall Board Meeting Vote – Matt B.

Due to schedule conflict, Matt proposed to move the Fall board meeting to Sunday, September 22nd. Sabrina motioned and Angie second. All members concurred.

·       Surf Coalition Team - Angie

Angie gave recap of results of our Team capturing 3rd place at Gathering of the Tribes and 6th place at Steamer Lane events. Call to the Wall (Malibu) is the next event where only 10 participants are invited and specific divisions must be filled or the Team will be unable to meet entry requirements.


V.  New Business  

               2020 Coalition Contest – Angie and Matt B.

·       Matt B and Jim requested the State Parks to approve the Club’s hosting of a Coalition contest next year at Oldmans.  The State Parks approved this request for June 2020. There will need to be more details outlined in terms of logistics, permits, insurance, and costs involved. Jim stated that the State Parks also approved shuttle services from the Trestles lot. Craig asked whether the type of insurance coverage would be commercial or non-commercial and Sabrina responded that it would non-commercial type.  Jim stated that a Line Item Budget for the contest and insurance will be required to move forward. Sarah will find out how much more coverage is needed for this size of event and cost.

·       Bobby inquired if the approved permit includes water rights.  Jim stated that the permit should include water rights but this needs to be clarified with the State Parks per Matt B.

·       This 2-day event which will attract approximately 250-300 participants from various surf clubs could be a major revenue generator for the Club. Jim stated the entry fee which is usually around $125/participant could include their membership to our Club.

·       Craig has stated that the impact of the Coalition contest is outside of the Club’s reach.  In other words, priority to participate in this contest would go to those already on the San Onofre Surf Team. He expressed concern that this event would not open to all members of the Club as in other events that the Club organizes through the year.  Matt B pointed out that all of our events have capacity limits.

·       The Coalition will vote this month on whether San Onofre would be part of their event lineup for next year. 

·       Angie will prepare and present a business plan for the event and get answer to a few questions for the State.  Then the Board will vote on whether or not to proceed with the event.

·       South County Surf Coalition (SCSC)

This coalition meets on a quarterly basis to share information about what each organization is doing and how we can support one another (promoting events, sharing volunteers, etc.). The Coalition is made of up the following groups:  Hawaiian Surf Club (San Onofre), Doheny Longboard Surfing Association, Doheny State Beach Interpretive Association, San Onofre Parks Foundation, and the Surfing Heritage and Cultural Center.

Matt B. will represent the Club at the next meeting tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, September 11th, 12pm at the San Clemente State Beach Visitor Center.


VI.           Miscellaneous

·       Committee to propose a slate for prospective board members for 2020

Matt B proposed a committee in which Jim would be appointed as the chairperson and Sabrina and Scott are appointed as committee members to organize the slate for prospective board members for next year.  The board members will vote in September.

·       Lease Renewal

Dave Matuszak spoke about the impending lease expiration in 2021 as well as the Surfriders’ efforts to remove the rocks along the entrance to SanO. Matt B. informed Dave that the Club has been aware of these two important topics for a while and Jim mentioned that the last he has heard was that ‘things are not in a panic state at the moment but lease negotiations are taking place’.

·       Bocce Ball event for 2020

Craig E. mentioned that the Horseshoe event could be replaced by a Bocce Ball Tournament for next year’s event lineup.  Sarah stated there would be no additional insurance cost for this switch in events.


Matt B made motion to adjourn, Jim seconded and all approved.


VII.         Follow up:

·       Point Road Repair

On June 16th Matt B and George Laich attended the California Costal Commission meeting in San Diego.  The State presented their request to retain the temporary road repairs at the Point for 5 years followed by another 5 years which include observations to watch for changes to the beach or surf.  Matt B spoke in favor or retaining the repairs on behalf of the SanO Board.