San Onofre Surfing Club Meeting Minutes

March 10, 2019

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I.  Call to order

Matt Brady called to order the first meeting of the year at 10:00 am on March 10, 2019, at San Onofre State Beach, Oldmans.

II.   Roll call

Craig Ephraim conducted the roll call and Matt Brady welcomed all new and returning members. The following persons were present: All board members attended, except Casey Powell who was excused.

III. Approval of minutes from last meeting

Craig Ephraim motioned to approve minutes from last meeting and Jim Wynne seconded, passed.

IV. Financial review – Finances are slightly down but we are looking for ways to maintain or better our balance through upcoming events and membership drives.  

V.  Membership – We are currently at 361 members as of date which is 52% below numbers same time last year at 549.  The rainy weather and closures of the beach have played a major part in the decrease in memberships in which we hope to recover with warm weather, membership drives, and upcoming events.

·       Matt Brady suggested using email blasts and social media platforms to boost membership base.

·       Matt Brady suggested that all board members carry membership packets (available from Sarah) to sign up new members on site.


VI. Old Business


Dogpatch Shack – Matt Brady mentioned that he will contact Clarence in requesting help with refronding the Dogpatch shack. Craig and Bobby mentioned that there was a contact by the name of Lucas from the Inland Empire who supplied fronds in the past.

Contest Trailer/Equipment – Craig Ephraim

Bobby and Craig cleared much of the trailer and equipment except for a pair of large speakers.  The trailer is ready to be put up for sale. Craig will speak to Tom Bistline to get the trailer put up for sale.

Website UpdateSarah Chen

The current website is up and running and has been operational since its overhaul last year.  Updating content has been challenge due to time and not having a designated website administrator. George Laich has volunteered to update content on this site with training provided by Sarah.  Our newest feature, the autorenew membership, was implemented end of last year and we currently have 6 members on autorenew.

Coalition UpdateAngie Winslow

Angie stated that our Coalition Surf Team came in 5th place overall last year despite limited entries. She anticipates strong showing this year with the first event of the season, Gathering of the Tribes at Churches.  Team members are currently paying for their own entry fees and she is looking into areas of fundraising for the Team to help with these fees.

Tandem & RV Parking – Matt Brady

Matt reiterated the State Park rule:  No double-parking and no vehicles over 25-feet in length.  Matt suggested that we remind our members of this rule in a future email blast as well as on the website.

VII.         New Business

Membership Drives

This year’s slow start in membership numbers has prompted the Club to be open to signing up members at the beach through board members and various ‘pop-up’ membership drives on the weekends. Future dates will posted in Facebook, Instagram, and website.

George Laich suggested setting up membership drives on various weekends on beach or off-site.  Angie Winslow mentioned setting up membership booths at the upcoming San Clemente Seafest event and other civic/organizational events to boost membership base.  Angie motioned to have a membership booth present at the San Clemente Seafest.  Matt Brady seconds motion.  Passed.

Addition of Bocce Ball Tournament to Event Lineup

 Matt Brady suggested adding a Bocce Ball Tournament to our event lineup.  Sarah Chen will check with the insurance company to find out if there will be an additional fee to cover the event.


2019 Permitted Events and Dates:  All board members must signup and participate for listed events. 

10 Buck Chuck Contest (May 11th) - Co-Chairs: Charlie, Sabrina

Sabrina stated that she is unable to be present for this event on May 18th but is available on May 11th.  Jim Wynne will check with Lori (State Parks) if we can move the event on this revised date.  Sabrina mentioned that she will need volunteers to assist with setup, judging, and tabulating. Charlie stated that food/drinks will headed by Hot Dog Fred. Bobby will furnish trophies and the PA system will be rented again.  Update:  Followed up with State Parks and date has been approved and has been changed to May 11th.

Horseshoe (June 8th) – Co-Chairs:  Jean Vetter and John Vetter

Craig will contact Jean Vetter to confirm she and John Vetter will be heading this event.

Family Aloha Day/Luau (July 14th) – Co-Chairs: Emmy and Bobby Lombard

Food - Kurt will cook main entrees of hot dogs/hamburgers.

Raffle (Emmy, Sarah) – Donation letter to retailers, businesses will be used to collect raffle prizes. We currently have one board by Pat Ryan (last year) which we held for this year’s raffle. Jim stated that Chris Schroeder will donate a custom kids’ board this year which will be part of a kids raffle on its own. The Club received an email from a member who may donate a board for this event. Emmy and Sarah will begin this process early.  

 Music – This will be handled by Brian and Bobby.  Bobby suggested we offer to pay for his bandmates (up to 4) who travel long ways to play for our event.

Volleyball:  Chairperson:  Mike Murphy

Golden Years Volleyball (July 22nd)

Main Volleyball (August 25th/26th)

Class Volleyball (September 2nd)

Scott suggested the same table set up for membership and merchandise to be offered at all three volleyball events.  He will assist Mike to coordinate the events.

Lunch with the State: August 7th   Chairperson: Matt Brady

Matt will contact Jenn Ephraim for assistance and see if Mark Brown can donate supplies for this event. Kurt mentioned he is available on this date to cook.

Club Contest (September 14th/15th)  Co-Chairs:  Emmy and Bobby Lombard

 More details to follow in next board meeting.


Merchandise Update – Craig Ephraim/Angie Winslow

 Craig stated that all merchandise is fairly stocked and we order more items as needed as we approach upcoming events. Craig requested current merchandise value.  Sarah Chen will forward these figures to Craig, Matt Brady, and Jim.

Angie Winslow and Matt Brady ordered Birdwell surf trunks to be available to members for purchase. Angie motioned that the proceeds of these trunks be specifically described in the shop as supporting the Coalition surf team’s entry fees.  Jon Sandvig seconded the motion. Passed.


Window Posters Update – Matthew Enright

 Matt Enright stated that the (3) display frames along the beach were in need of repair and varnish. Sarah Chen will contact one of our members who owns plastic fabrication company to provide new display cover for free and coordinate with Matt on measurements needed. Matt Brady motioned for up to $200 budget to cover the repair/varnish. Jim Wynne seconded motion.  Passed.  Matt Enright will create new 2019 event calendar event posters.

Fall Meeting Date (9/29) – Matt Brady

 Matt Brady stated he will be out of town on 9/29 and proposed that the meeting be moved a week earlier on 9/22.  To allow board members to check their calendars, Jim suggested that an email go out to vote for the date change to 9/22. Sarah will coordinate the email vote with Jim on this matter.

VIII.        Miscellaneous

o   Coalition Fundraising – Angie Winslow stated she is looking into finding ways to offset much of the surf team entry fees that team members are paying on their own. She has suggested that separate raffle items be present at the Club events, beginning with the Ten Buck Chuck event in May.  Angie motioned that she will find/offer raffle items which will directly raise money for the surf team.  Jim Wynne seconded the motion.  Passed.

o   Surfline membership deal – Matt Brady stated that there were very few members who took advantage of this special pricing and therefore, this deal will no longer be available.

o   SUP Rules – Jon Sandvig has suggested that rules for stand-up paddleboarders (SUPs) be posted in the display windows in which may be coordinated with Matt Enright who is creating an event poster.  Since the topography of the beach has changed, the OK sign no longer is enforceable point of reference.  Bobby mentioned that the State Parks can enforce the ‘posted order’ and those who violate, can be cited. 

o   Road Repair at the Point – Matt Brady mentioned that the Surfrider Foundation has proposed to the Coastal Commission to remove the existing riprap north of the Point.  The Surfrider Foundation prefers the ‘soft-fill’ to replace the riprap.  The State Parks had mentioned that they may want a representative from the Club to attend a Coastal Commission meeting regarding the road repair.  

o   Beach Erosion - In regards to the current erosion on the beach, the State stated that they would not fill in the areas of erosion at the beach. The State is considering the removal of fire rings.

o   Rise of Thefts  - Sabrina mentioned that there has been a significant rise in thefts in recent months. As recent as one week ago, thieves have been breaking car windows, emptying valuables and going as far as driving stolen vehicles to the Carl’s Jr lot to completely empty belongings.  Matt Brady had heard from Rich Haydon (State Parks) that these thefts are conducted by criminal rings who actually rent cars to travel down to our beach to steal.  Rich is asking for the Club to purchase 3 or 4 theft warning signs in which his team will install along the beach. Jim will contact Rich expected sign wording and Bobby will find out where to order these signs. The approximate cost of these signs may run up to $500 total. Craig motioned that we provide 3-4 signs for the State Parks at a cost up to $500 total.  Bobby seconded the motion.  Passed.

o   Non-native additions to the beach- Matt Brady discussed the recent additions at Oldmans, specifically in the Hale Nalu area.  According to the State Parks department, no more changes are to be made to the beach and if they are, the State Parks may come to remove all non-native additions to the beach. Matt Brady has requested Jim to check with Rich as to how much can stay and based on that discussion, the Club will revisit this topic in next meeting.

Craig made motion to adjourn, Bobby seconded and all approved.