San Onofre Surfing Club Meeting Minutes

June 3, 2018

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I.  Call to order

Matt Brady called to order the regular meeting at 10:00 am on June 3, 2018, at Oldmans, San Onofre Surf Beach.

II.   Roll call

Matt Brady conducted a roll call and welcomed all members. All board members attended, except Emmy Lombard, Laurie Thompson, and Sherry Wolfe who were all excused.

III. Approval of minutes from last meeting

Craig motioned to approve minutes from last meeting and Jon seconded.

IV. Financial review – Maintenance repairs, liability insurance dues, and merchandise reorders have lowered our balance but we anticipate additional memberships, merchandise orders, and event fees to increase this balance as we move through the year.

V.  Membership – We are currently at 687 members as of date which is an improvement from same time last year and we project to surpass last year’s total of 743.

VI.  Old Business

     Surfline Membership Benefit

·    Matt B mentioned he needed to put together a generic letter about the Surfline discount where new and existing members would receive $20 off premium subscription which is only good through the end of this year. Matt B indicated there will be a joint logistic confirmation with Surfline as to how this will roll out.

     Contest Trailer/Equipment – Craig

·    Within the next couple weeks, Craig will help move existing items into one centralized new storage unit at Extra Storage in San Clemente. Sabrina stated that the Doheny Longboard Club does not want the scaffolding equipment or speakers. Emmy mentioned that we may need new equipment such as new Easy-ups, which would be comfortable for judges for surf contests. Craig motioned to combine storage and sell trailer. Matt second motion and all in agreement. Bobby mentioned that he will haul away any leftover equipment and item no longer needed by the Club.

     Website Update

·    Finishing up the storefront portion of the site and we should be ready to launch within a week.  Countless volunteer hours of design and implementation courtesy of members, Wally Fox and Billy O’Neill. Matt B had requested that an ‘auto-renew’ link or button be added to the membership item on the site.

      Dog Patch Shack

·     Clarence from the Dog Patch attended the meeting and stated that they are dealing with heavy erosion in this area and requested maintenance assistance from the Club. Craig mentioned that Rich (State Parks) wants to wait until road is fixed before relocating the Dog Patch shack. In the meantime, shower repair and replacing the fronds of the shack would be top things to tackle for now.

       Window Box Posters

·       Matt E. designed and put up the all the posters in the window boxes at each restroom building.  Matt B suggested that they both work on designing the Aloha Family Day flyer. 

       Ten Buck Chuck Surf Contest

·      With over 90 participating entrants, Sabrina and Charlie stated that this year’s contest was the largest entry pool in its history and raised funds for the Club with its entry fees, membership and merchandise dues.

V.  New Business  

        The Point – concerns over erosion and road narrowing

·       Matt B mentioned the State had hired an environmental company who had temporarily repaired the road north of the Point last year with boulders and concrete barriers (rift-raft).  This temporary barrier repair had a time limit which has expired in February 2018.  Now, the Surfrider organization wants the State to remove this repair and allow nature to take its course due to environmental concerns.  The Club position has been in support of the current state of road repair with the State.

 VI.  Event Updates

        Horseshoes Contest, Saturday June 9th

 Jean and John Vetter will be run the contest in 2-4 courts due to erosion of the beach. The contest will be ‘word-of-mouth’, be limited up to 12 teams and will be a half-day event. Everyone is welcome.

        Aloha Family Day, July 14th

        Raffle Tickets/Prizes 

Sarah stated that raffle tickets will be sold on event day and online via the new website. Tickets will be $5 each or 5 for $20. This year’s raffle prizes consist of: (2) Longboards (Chris Schroeder and Ohana Kemp) ‘donated’ boards, Catch Surf, Shelta hats, SunBum products, Malo’o Racks, Bear Coast Coffee, Olukai/L-Space, Lifeguard Assn gear, and Monster gear. In reference to the longboards, one of the boards will require winner to be present and the other does not (local pickup only). All other prizes require winner to be present. Sarah will resend the donation letters to board members to solicit raffle prizes.


Kurt will coordinate with Emmy, Mark Brown for sourcing and setting up food on event day. Kurt stated that he needed a way to store meat items and Bobby responded that he would be able to store at his house. In addition, Kurt mentioned he would like more EZ-ups, tables, ice, and cases of water. Sarah mentioned that she will create an online sign-up link for the website for members to be able to sign up for these items as well Potluck food items.


Bobby and his band will play during the event and the Club will provide shirts and parking passes for the band members for their time.  Sarah mentioned that the Club should save the Luau dancers for another year due to the financial state of the Club. 


        Matt B will be heading up the proposed games: 

-       Egg toss (Mark Brown to donate eggs)

-       Cherry-pit spitting (Club donation)

-       Gunny sack race (Matt E will source the sacks)

-       Banana smash (Club donation)

-       Glider races (John Starwarz will be running the planes)

This year’s game prizes will be medallions for the 1st/2nd place winners of each game and/or division.  Sarah will prepare the medallions and bring them on event day.

        Volleyball Contests, July 22nd, August 25/26th, September 2th

Dave Kulstad and Scott Cuda will continue to coordinate the upcoming volleyball contests. They will coordinate with Rich (State Parks) and with Tom Bistline for anything they need.  Jim mentioned that Dave must have updated waivers on the back of the registration form. Dave to contact Jim for overnight passes during Main Tourney event.  Scott motioned to bring the merchandise down to the event to sell as well as sign up new Club members. Craig seconded.

·       Fall Surf Contest, September 8/9

Bobby mentioned that the power PA system will work for the contest but the power for PA and 4 amplifiers may not work for the event due to overload. Planning is ongoing.

·       Surf Coalition

Angie has stated that she will take on the role as Team Captain and will begin forming a list of team members for upcoming contests in the Coalition. The next contest is the Call to the Wall held by the Malibu Boardriders Club on July 21-22. Other upcoming contest events are as follows: Oceanside, Malibu, Velzy, Swamis, Tourmaline, Windnsea, Gathering of Tribes, Santa Cruz.  The Club’s ability to host contest at Oldmans next year will depend on calendar and permit availability as well as erosion situation. Matt motions that the Club supports the coalition and Craig seconds motion.  Everyone was in favor.

·       Public Watchdog group

The Public Watchdogs group representatives, Charles Langley, Darin McClure, and Nina spoke to us about the current situation at the Southern California Edison with the nuclear waste storage that lies just beyond the seawall.

VI.           Miscellaneous

·       Car Break-ins

Ranger reporting car break-ins are on the rise again. Matt B mentioned that the Club should put friendly reminder on social media, website, and next email blast.

·       No more double-parking

Ranger has stated there is no more double parking, only single-deep line parking. Also, no RVs over 25 feet allowed into the beach park. Matt B stated that Rich had mentioned that the State would like to pave and stripe the main road.

·       Date change for last board meeting

Matt B mentioned that he has a work commitment on September 30th which falls on the last board meeting of the year.  He suggested that we move the meeting to either Sept 23rd or Oct 7th.  Since the Coalition’s Tourmaline contest falls on Oct 7th, Matt B motioned to move the meeting date to Sept 23rd in which Bobby second the motion and everyone agreed.

·       State Luncheon

Matt B mentioned that Jenn Ephraim will shop for the food items and Kurt will cook.  The event will be held August 1st at 11:30am and this has been confirmed with Lori (State Parks office).  Matt B urged everyone to attend around 10:30am to show our support.

·       Doheny Longboard Association Vintage Event

Sabrina mentioned that the DSLA will be holding their Vintage Surf event on June 24th.

·       Committee to propose a slate for prospective board members for 2019

Matt B proposes a committee in which Jim will be appointed as chairperson and Charlie and Craig are appointed as committee members to organize the slate for prospective board members for next year.

·       Lease Renewal

Matt B will contact Rich (State Parks) on update on situation.  The Navy has had control over the land in this 50-year lease which is up for renewal in 2021.  Jim mentioned that the Club will need to get active with our local politicians to garner support as well as our need to increase our membership base to show visibility as a large organization.

·       Beach Cleanup events

Jon mentioned that he and Laurie would like to organize beach cleanup events which would bring members and non-members to join the Club.



Sabrina made motion to adjourn, Jim seconded and all approved.