San Onofre Surfing Club Meeting Minutes

September 22, 2019

I.  Call to order

Matt Brady called to order the regular meeting at 10:00 am on September 22, 2019 at Oldmans, San Onofre Surf Beach.

II.   Roll call

Craig Ephraim conducted the roll call. All board members attended, except Jonathon Sandvig who was excused.

III. Approval of minutes from last meeting

Sabrina motioned to approve minutes from last meeting and Matt Brady seconded.

IV. Financial review – Merchandise sales, steady membership base, and summer event dates have slightly increased our balances. As of meeting date, our balance has increased by 11% from same date last year.

V.  Membership – As of meeting date, we are currently at 874 members which is a decrease from same date last year of 962 members.

VI. Old Business

a) Double Parking, Thefts, and Motorhomes – Per State Parks rules, double parking is not allowed along the stretch of the dirt lot and vehicles double-parked are subject to citations.  Thefts have been on the rise throughout the year and the State Parks is working on posting theft signs to ‘lock up your car’.  As for motorhomes, they are allowed at the beach but not exceed 25 feet in length at entry.

b) Dog Patch Shack – Up to $500 is budgeted for repairs in which the front posts will need to be relocated back with the use of a bobcat. Tom Bistline advised that the bobcat rental should not exceed $1,000.  Jim motioned for additional funds to be allocated for the repair of the Dogpatch shack. Craig seconded the motion and all were in favor in unanimous vote.

 c) Website update – The events pages of the website have not been consistently updated due to lack of content from ongoing events. Jim suggested that the event chairperson(s) provide a summary of their events and forward to secretary officer who will coordinate the content needed for the social media platforms and website.  Jim motioned for secretary officer to coordinate content across all social media outlets. Craig seconded the motion, all were in favor except for Matt Brady who upheld the motion.

 d) Event Updates:

Ten Buck Chuck (5/11): Charlie and Sabrina stated that the event was the largest held so far in which 98 surfers participated in the contest. A raffle was held for the first time at this event which raised funds for the Coalition Surf Team.

Horseshoes (6/8): Jean Vetter stated that turnout was low from previous year.  The half-day event was held with a few teams and was enjoyed by all who participated.

Aloha Family Day (7/13):  Emmy stated that the event was a great turnout. The raffle prize donations were varied this year and the number of raffle tickets sold was less from the previous year. The cherry spitting, egg toss, and glider plane games were popular among the kids and the food was enjoyed by all.

Volleyball Contests (7/21, 8/24-25, and 9/1): Mike Murphy and Scott Cuda successfully ran the Golden Years, Main, and Classic Volleyball tournaments. Merchandise was sold only at the Main volleyball event which garnered robust sales as well as new memberships. Mike Murphy had installed a retractable volleyball net system which allowed kids and adults play all on one court.

 Lunch with the State Parks (8/7): There was a smaller turnout at this year’s State Parks luncheon due to lack of communication from the park’s office.  Jim and Emmy suggested that flyers be posted and distributed at the park’s offices and among the park workers in advance of the next luncheon.

Club Surf Contest (9/08-09/09): Bobby and Emmy Lombard ran this event with one of the largest pools, close to 200 competitors, over the course of two days. Breakfast was served on both days and lunch served on last day by Kurt Winn, George Laich, and a few volunteers of the Club. Volunteers were in short supply at this year’s event and Emmy mentioned that we will need more volunteers to make the event more streamlined.  She suggested an email blast to be sent out weeks in advance to rally volunteers for next year’s event.

e) Coalition Team Update – Angie stated that the Coalition team has over 40 members who have participated in 8 contest events and has placed 5th overall as a team.  There are 2 more upcoming events for the year: Tourmaline and Cardiff.  The San Miguel event may be a possible event date towards the end of the year.

f) South County Surf Coalition (SCSC) Meeting – Matt Brady attended this year’s SCSC meeting in which Steve Long (San Onofre Parks Foundation) discussed that talks with the Navy are going positively in regards to the lease renewal for San Onofre State Beach.  Matt Brady spoke with Todd Lewis (Central Sector Superintendent for the Orange Coast District) who also implied that lease talks are moving constructively. At this point, the lease talks have moved from “not if but how will the lease be renewed and its parameters.  Matt Brady suggested sending an appreciation/positive outcome letter on behalf of the Club to the State Parks in which Steve agreed was a good idea.  The letter would be reviewed by Steve before sending it to the State Parks.

V.  New Business

Election of Officers for 2020

Craig proposed the following members for 2020 office:

Jim Wynne – President

Scott Cuda – Vice President

George Laich – Sargeant-At-Arms

Emmy Lombard – Secretary

Laurie seconded, all were in favor in unanimous vote.

Ballot for 2020 Board of Directors

The following members have been voted-in to be on the ballot for 2020 Board of Directors: Brian Ahern, Matthew Enright, Bobby Lombard, Casey Powell, Sabrina Pearcy, Charlie Zyvoloski, Kurt Winn, Angie Winslow, Mark Brown, Mike Murphy, Bru Osterholt, Rob Sachse, John Stawarz, and Clarence Yoshikane. The ballot will go out to members by mid-December.

2020 Coalition Contest at Oldmans

Prior to vote, Matt Brady opened up discussion for the possibility of the Club to run a 2-day Surf Coalition contest on June 6-7, 2020 at Oldmans. Mark Gale (DSLA) weighed in with his experience on holding this type of event.  Jim stated that our Club would be able to raise significant funds by hosting this contest.  Angie mentioned that there are (2) participants per age division and total of (4) which includes (2) alternates, however, the coalition surf team members would have priority to fill these spots. Matt stated that (240) participants would pooled without shortboard divisions – (264) participants with shortboard divisions. Matt/Jim/Angie confirmed that shuttle buses will be needed and will travel to/from the Trestles lot to the island palm area, north of Oldmans. In addition, Matt stated that the State Parks would grant water rights for the event.  For expenses, each Coalition team would commit their number of entries and payment would be requested 1 month in advance to create an expense fund to cover deposits and reservations of proposed rentals/services. Several club members came forward and spoke in favor of hosting the contest here at Oldmans.  Amy Sachse and Tony Coleman spoke about how much their families have enjoyed and participated in the Coalition events and that more families would be more apt to support and get involved in organizing this event.  Sabrina mentioned that she has been surfing in Coalition events for over 15 years and believes it’s time for the Club to hold this contest at Oldmans to showcase Sano. In response to not holding the contest, Craig mentioned that not giving all members equal chance to sign up for the contest and giving priority to Coalition surf team members is not in the interest/mission of the Club.  Craig was also concerned about whether allowing this contest to take place would ‘gateway’ other outside contests to be approved in the future.  Matt conveyed that Rich Haydon stated he would not allow other contests to take place as a result of allowing this Coalition contest to take place.  Emmy stated her environmental concerns of holding a contest of this magnitude with ongoing shuttles and emergency vehicles not being able to respond urgently due to possible traffic through an already narrow road.  Emmy suggested holding the event at Trails where there is ample parking and other contests have successfully been held. Angie responded that the Coalition members would expect to surf the iconic break, Oldmans and not Trails.  Sarah mentioned poor choice of date for an event to be held the weekend after Memorial Day and a few weeks before the Club’s Family Day event, at the peak of visitor season. Scott also concurred that the event date is at the peak of summer season and would be wise to change the date outside of the summer months. Bobby referred to Matt’s expense numbers and was not convinced these numbers were conclusive. Brendan mentioned that he was in favor of holding the Coalition event but emphasized that it must accommodate all Club members who want to surf the event and also suggested that moving the event to October or November would be best. Steve Jahan (past officer and son of co-founder, Andre Jahan) stated that the foremost mission of the Club is for every member to benefit from the membership of the Club, therefore, this contest does not uphold this mission because only a few members are allowed to participate.  Steve also advised not to put the Club’s funds at risk to hold such an event of this size which may prove to be a gamble and possibly violate our non-profit status. Emails letters were submitted from members Steve Jahan and Joanne Ujiie who opposed the Coalition contest.  Member Thomas Arntson submitted an email letter in support of the contest by rallying other families to help and get involved in hosting this event at home break.

Matt B. motioned for vote on the June 6-7 Coalition Surf Contest held at Oldmans as long as it does not violate the Club’s tax status 501(c)7. Sabrina seconded motion. Vote:  5-Yes, 10-No.  The board does not pass the proposal.

VI Miscellaneous

· Artist Chris Lipold created some variations of the Club’s logo to complement the Club’s current logo image.  Chris stated he would like to help out the Club and utilize his talent/services. 

· Kenny Moe submitted an email request to allow his wife’s family to set up a plaque memorial at the island palm area where his wife’s father planted the first palm tree there. Member Michelle Goossen stated that Rich Haydon will not allow any plantings or objects at the beach and advised to defer this request letter directly Rich for response. 

· Member Michelle Goossen requested that a ‘Womens 60 & over’ division be included in next year’s Club surf contest.  Michelle stated the importance of showing the younger generation that surfing continues even for females over 60 and there are enough females for this specific division.  Emmy mentioned that she will consider creating this division but it is dependent on the number of entries received.

· Newsletter – Matt B will be putting together the end-of-year highlights and news which will be emailed as well as posted on the website and social media.

Brian made motion to adjourn, Matt Enright seconded, and all approved.