December 1, 2018

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2018 was one of our best years ever!  So many people got involved in the club, helped with events and brought in new ideas that it really made it a pleasurable year.  The events were stellar, fundraising was successful, and membership grew. If you haven’t checked it out, please visit our New Website www.sanonofresurfingclub.orgHUGE THANKS to Wally Fox & Billy O’Neil for their selfless donation of time and excellent design work on the new site.  It houses all the information on Club events, features some club surfers and has some historical info too. 

Check the website soon for cool new merchandise just in time for the holidays, such as YETI tumblers. I suspect we will sell out of the first batch quickly, but we’ll have more by summertime.  Another awesome improvement in the works is automatic membership renewal.  A number of members have asked if the membership could be automatically renewed via credit card account like many other retail accounts.  We hope to have this available soon so you can get your decals and ballots automatically every year.

A few things to keep in mind when you go to the beach;

·       NO Double Parking.  Expect a ticket if you park in front of another car.

·       No RV’s over 25’.  They won’t let you in through the gate.

·       Lock your vehicle AND your key. Thefts are way up and it’s common that the thieves have been getting the key from the place you stashed it (like on your tire).  Get a lock box for your keys.

I want to say a special thanks to Dave Kulstead who has selflessly organized and ran all our Volleyball events for over a decade.  Dave always ran great events and was super organized.  He is stepping down as the Tournament Director, but future tournaments are in the capable hands of Mike Murphy.  If you see Dave, please show him your appreciation.

2019 Memberships will be available for sale on December 14th  at and will be $20 until January 31st then annual dues will go up to $25 on February 1st  to cover increased costs to the club.  I encourage everyone to join early, vote for your board members, and take advantage of a full year of membership.  Get involved in the club and help us keep the Aloha going!!!!

Big issues that you should be aware of;

·       The State Park lease is up on August 30th, 2021.  Ideally it will be renewed but there are no guarantees.  The SanO club is in communication with the State Parks Department and the San Onofre Parks Foundation in an effort to ensure continued access to our beloved beach.

Southern California Edison is currently burying 3.6 Million Pounds of nuclear waste 100 feet from the ocean and a few feet above the water table just down the beach.  If you are not aware of the plans for this, please do some research and let your voice be heard.  The impact on our surf spot and club could be devastating.

Lastly, I wanted to thank the 2018 Board of Directors;

Jim Wynne - Vice President

Craig Ephraim - Sergeant at Arms           

Sherry Wolfe - Secretary/Treasurer

Sarah Chen – Business Secretary

Board of Directors - Emmy Lombard, Brian Ahern, Angie Winslow, Scott Cuda, Laurie Thompson, Matt Enright, George Laich, Jonathon Sandvig, Bobby Lombard, Charlie Zyvoloski, Sabrina Pearcy, Kurt Winn (Club Chef).


We’ll see you at the beach,

Matt Brady

Club President 2017-2019