May 31, 2018

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Aloha Surfers and Fans of the Beach!

Hopefully you received the annual San Onofre Surfing Club President letter late last year.  2017 was an awesome year with fantastic events and lots of challenges to keep the beach in the great shape.  I won’t repeat that letter here but if you want more information on how we’re fostering the spirit of the Club at the State beach we’d be more than happy to let you know.

This letter is an appeal to those of you who have not joined the club yet.  We rely heavily on our members support to keep the club going.  We operate on a shoestring budget and count on everyone who values what an amazing beach we have at San Onofre, to help keep it as cool as it has been since the 30’s.  So even if you have not joined in a few years or don’t get down to the beach a lot, please consider helping us with your membership support so we can continue to make repairs to the iconic shacks, windvane, showers and roads. And more help us to continue to create fun family events that cultivate great experiences and lifelong memories. We do all the beach maintenance in cooperation with the State Parkes department but represent the surfers point of view and the legacy of one of the oldest surfing clubs in the world.  To those of you who put off joining until later in the year, please go online now and join.  Enjoy our awesome events all summer.

I am extremely excited to announce a new member perk available exclusively for San Onofre Surfing Club members. Due to the generosity of Surfline, current and new SanO Surfing Club members are eligible for a $20 discount on any new Annual Surfline Premium membership in 2018, making your club membership effectively free if you sign up for Surfline Premium through the Club. With Surfline Premium, you can find surf forecasts and live streaming views of Old Man’s and The Point. And now you can check the line at the top via the new Kiosk Cam. Before you head to the beach, plan ahead by checking the queue online. To receive your promotional code for Surfline Premium, please email your full name (required) and member number to Not a Club member? Haven't renewed? Sign up online at and help us continue to preserve and protect San Onofre State Beach.

2018 is shaping up to be an awesome year.  The recent Ten Buck Chuck surf contest was a big hit.  The Aloha Family Day and raffle will be off the hook!  We’ve got numerous volleyball tournaments and of course the Big Club surfing contest at the end of the year.  We’ve got super cool unique merchandise custom designed this year and we are extremely excited about the upcoming launch of a new website. As always follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep in touch on an ongoing basis.

Thanks for your time and we’ll see you at the beach!!


Matt Brady

President, San Onofre Surfing Club