Main Volleyball

August 24-25, 2019 - Details to follow…

Volleyball tournaments are played at the courts south of Old Mans. Registration is on the beach the morning of competition. Players must be registered and present by 8 am. Teams are picked at 9am. Must be a club member to participate in any tournament. Scoring for games is determined by number of participants and courts available.  

Any club member with volleyball experience may participate. An evaluation may be required to determine rating.  

Players are rated and split. Bottom of the top rated picks first. Pool play Saturday. Top 2 teams from each pool advance. Alternates are selected in case one of the teams can’t play. Finals are played the following day and is double elimination.

Prizes are awarded to teams who place 1st-3rd. Prizes vary each year. Past awards have included Paper certificate, SanO Medals, Beach Volleyballs, Wally Duesler Carvings. 


1. Mike Murphy and Mary McDonald
2. Karl Ring and Reece Gonnerman
3. Bryce Curtis and Ella Scott
4. Max Beard and Jessie Bates

Most Outstanding Players:
Reece Gonnerman and Mike Murphy

Best Sportsperson: Bryce Curtis
Most Improved: Leslie Murphy and Ella Scott
Best Headband: Karl Ring

Photos from event