Ten Buck Chuck Surf Contest on May 19, 2018 - Went down in fine style.


The highly anticipated “Ten Buck Chuck” was well worth the wait and was a super fun surf contest to start off the year.

The morning started off quiet and calm and after the first heat the participants were treated to a light drizzle that lasted for most of the morning.  Surfers are a gritty bunch and they shook it off in stride and enjoyed the delicious selection of Hot Dogs and Bratwurst diligently prepared by “Hot Dog Fred” and chatted with friends between bites.

Kevin Wold and Jonathan “JT” Tracy kept the crowd entertained with brilliant announcing that was fun to listen to while describing the action in the water. Non competitor in the contest zone, beware of the golden tongue lash... 

Those that stuck out the morning were rewarded with a complete change of conditions and were pleasantly surprised with glassy, fun surf. The showcase of talent at all ages was on display.

The star of the show this year was Tommy Witt on a borrowed vintage board from Chris Shroeder. Tommy defied gravity with his uncanny balance and entertained the crowd with maneuvers that were mostly described as “how did he do that?!”

At the end of the contest the crowd was treated to a rendition of God Bless America by 3 ½ year old triplet sisters Harper, Avery, and Taylor Wynne.

A huge thank you to Charlie Zyvoloski and Sabrina Pearcy for putting on this special day as well as to all of the volunteer judges, tabulators, announcers, merchandise sellers, etc.

Special thanks to Pete Herrera for taking on the dreaded task of putting out the buoy which put him in the unfortunate position of surfing his heat with the Costco Stand Up foamy which he used to take out the buoy.

The 2018 Ten Buck was a huge success and we can't wait for the next one.

See you next year at the Chuck!